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Impacted Wisdom Tooth

For 90% of us, wisdom teeth need to come out. Why is this? The simple reason is this that our jaws were only designed to accommodate 28 teeth and most of us are born with 32.

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Broken Tooth

Teeth can fracture for a variety of reason- 

  • Bite issues
  • Trauma or accidents
  • Broken fillings or inner tooth decay
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When the innermost part of the tooth–the nerve–becomes irritated, this requires that we perform a root canal in an effort to save the tooth.

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Sensitivity & Wear

As we get older and our teeth begin to shift, wear patterns from enamel loss begin to form. Missing or shifting teeth can lead to extreme sensitivity, further decay and loss of tooth structure.

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Removal & Extraction

When teeth are broken or damaged beyond repair, a tooth must be removed to prevent infection or other complications. We always recommend replacing that tooth with an artificial tooth, known as a dental implant.

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