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Dr. Browne has helped thousands of patients restore their smiles with dental implants. Using the highest quality materials, dental implants provide one of the most durable and lasting solutions for a missing tooth. At My Pompano Dentist, we offer a lifetime guarantee on your dental implants. We utilize the latest in dental technology to create custom implants for each patient that look and feel just like their natural teeth! Call our office today to schedule a free consultation and find out if dental implants are the answer. At your visit, Dr. Browne will do a complete exam with free 3D X-rays to get a total picture of your oral health. We will take the time to discuss your smile, the treatment process and the cost of dental implants. If you are looking for a solution to your missing teeth, call us today to schedule your free consultation!


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Replace Missing Teeth

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Lifetime Guarantee!

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“First time here, and had a great experience! Both my father and brother come here. Everyone was so nice, very helpful, and made me feel so comfortable. All the staff showed much knowledge, and treated me with the best care I could have asked for. I highly recommend!”

Krista J., Yelp

“Dr. Browne’s office has such welcoming, attentive staff and the office is very well run. Dr. Browne really cares about his patients and it shows; he made me feel very at ease and my procedure was painless. Very trustworthy practice, I’ll never need another dentist in South FL again.”

Jessica R., Google