$129 Welcome Package*

*Over $450 value.

For our new patients, we offer a routine dental visit including a thorough cleaning, detailed exam and x-ray for just $129! If you don’t have dental insurance, you can still get the care that you need without breaking the bank. Keeping up with your dental check-ups will allow your dentist to catch any dental problems early and keep you from needing extensive treatment down the road! If you are looking for a dental check-up in Pompano Beach, FL, call us today!

  • X-Rays (d0210) full series of x-rays
  • Cleaning (d1110) Only When Periodontal Disease is Not Present
  • Comprehensive Exam (d0150)
  • Consultation (d9310)

New Patients receive a 15% discount on all future treatment when
services are accepted at the time of the consultation.


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What Others Are Saying

“Dr. Browne’s office has such welcoming, attentive staff and the office is very well run. Dr. Browne really cares about his patients and it shows; he made me feel very at ease and my procedure was painless. Very trustworthy practice, I’ll never need another dentist in South FL again.”
– Jessica R., Google
“Friendly environment and everyone is so nice to you when you come into the office. Dr. Browne is an amazing dentist. I got my wisdom teeth pulled out and I've never felt so at ease while at a dentist in my life, they made sure I was comfortable and being aware of me during the whole process. I would recommend anyone to come here, you will not regret it.”
– Sofia V., Google